PatchManagment – Update 1 Maintenance Windows

Last year i published my scripts i use when automate Patch Management, now it´s time for an update…

Every year about this time i update Maintenance Windows for my customers and usually i use my script to generate Maintenance Windows. This year i got a request from a customer if they could do the work themselves and wanted me to guide them thru my script.

Had som time of this christmas time and decided to create an application in Sapien Powershell Studio to make the job more easy and here is the result…

Scenario: You want to set timed windows for patching based on x number of days after patch-tuesday for x number of collections

  1. Download my application from my github
  2. Install It on site-server or on a client with MEMCM-console installed
  3. Start the application as administrator (it takes a few moments because it has to populate i list with collections)
  4. Follow the instructions in the manual

If you have any ideas how I can improve the application or have rice or rose, do not hesitate to contact me…

/ Christian


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