Standalone Script

Resolve-DNSName from list

A Colleague needed a script to check a list of ip-addresses or computername against the DNS and i created this script. You need a txt-file with what you want to check against the DNS.

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Function Check-PackageWMIvsLIB

This function compare what the Distribution Point has in WMI againt ContentLib

If you want to remove WMI entry that not are in lib

Of if you want to remove from ContentLIB

To be used at own…
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Extract productcode from MSI

Here is a script you can use to extract productcode from msi-file it´s raw…



A function to list ad-groups for an client based on computername.


A function to get a list on all AD-groups for an user i AD (by typing the username after the function.


An function to search Active Direcgory on user. If you wonder what info you can get….