Remote Schedule Task Manager 1.0

I have a customer who needed some sort of application/bat-file or powershell-script to restart a remote computer running a presentation.

The presentation was updated with a schedule task on the client, but sometimes they needed to update extra.

Instead of restarting the computer everytime i suggested we should run the schedule task remotely.

The solution became an application created in Powershell Studio from Sapien. 🙂

The application read a csv-file that the user has updated with clientname and description

When you load schedule task from remote computer by selecting a client it will return a list on available schedule task on the client.

Next step you can select a schedule task and first check status to get info om last runtime,

Last step after you selected a schedule task you can run it on remote client.

During the execute of the schedule task the application update you until the task is finished.


You need to be local administrator in this version, but i´m working on version 2.0….

The project and exe-file are located at my github. 


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