Automation in Patch Managment…

One of my areas of my work has been to handle Patch Managment for x-numbers of clients and with multiple clients everything becomes more complicated to handle. Therefore i’ve started to try to automate as much as possible with everything about Patch Managment by using Powershell. What I have collected in this article will help

Presentation on remote screen

Remote-presention with schedule task and Powershell For this solution you need the following: AD-user (not domainadmin!!!) with lowest rights. AD-group populated by the user (above) who will access the folder and run the scheduletask. The group is also populated with the users who will update the presentation. GPO that will configure the schedule task on

Remote Schedule Task Manager 1.0

I have a customer who needed some sort of application/bat-file or powershell-script to restart a remote computer running a presentation. The presentation was updated with a schedule task on the client, but sometimes they needed to update extra. Instead of restarting the computer everytime i suggested we should run the schedule task remotely. The solution